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Personal Success Today is our flagship Personal Development Blog specializing in Goal Setting, Leadership, Organization, and Communication. This site features Downloadable Microsoft Word Templates that enable you to print out many different business tools for use in the office or at home. From business card templates to goal worksheets, you'll find useful items here.

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MBA on the Run is an Audio Book Review Blog specializing in business oriented audio books that are helpful for MBA preparation. Based on the popular Personal MBA program these books will expose you to a broad based business education including Business Theory, Accounting, Money Management, Communication, and Entrepreneurship.

Audio Book Notes & Reviews are included on many books. The review criteria is unique and based on the popular communication book, Made To Stick. It includes 6 different categories to help you decide if the book is right for you.

The Path of Consequence Book The Path of Consequence: Discovered maps. Stolen books. Hidden tunnels. Coded messages on jewelry. Not your standard weekend getaway. But when Jack and Bridget Norton stumbled onto Tor's secret, they wanted to know two things: Who is Tor - is he still alive? - and what kind of treasure did his clues lead to? The weekend that began as a wedding celebration turned into a week-long trek toward an unknown end. The path would take courage and absolute determination, testing loyalties, faith, and endurance. In this intriguing novel by John Richardson, characters and readers alike learn about Tor's "seven talents" - what it takes to discover a successful, fulfilling life.
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